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Electric Superbike Twente in production for the Moto E competition

The battery of the Electric Superbike Twente holds nearly 16 kWh and provides a power output of 140 kW. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in around three seconds and it can reach a top speed of more than 250 km/h. Eight-lap track races are not a problem at all. Its dimensions are based on the best possible examples: MotoGP bikes. As a result, its handling model is perfect for use on a race track. The Electric Superbike Team Twente is working hard to prepare for the MotoE competition, which will be held in the summer of 2018.

Electric Superbike Twente was founded with a single goal in mind: to show the world how awesome (and fast) electric transport can be. The design phase for the fully electric motorbike began in September of 2017 and has since been completed. The bike is now in production.


Electric Superbike Twente consists of fifteen students. Most of them have put their studies on hold for a year to dedicate themselves entirely to working on this unique electric superbike. The team’s office and workspace are found in the Future Factory, directly opposite the University of Twente in the Kennispark. “We take part in the MotoE competition, with races in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, to show everyone how fantastic electric racing can be,” says team manager Tim Veldhuis. “Many companies realise how important our developments are. They support the team financially and technically by providing production facilities or components.” An overview of the partners is available at

Electric Superbike

The members of Electric Superbike Twente have designed many of the components in-house. The chassis team, for example, built a custom frame, swingarm and housing for the electric motor. This means the electric components can be installed in the best possible way, without the limitations of traditional layouts. The powertrain team designed its own hard- and software, including the battery management system, the main computer and a liquid cooling system. For more information about the superbike and its technical specifications, go to


The design of the superbike includes a wealth of technical innovation. Many components were designed from scratch, which presented the team with ample opportunity for optimisation. The team uses various components that are not (yet) available on the market. These new and innovative technologies are used on the bike as a proof of concept. “In the summer of 2018, we will begin testing these technologies under extreme conditions.”

Studium Generale: Lightning-fast electric superbike

Tuesday 27 March:!/2018/3/36879/studium-generale-lightning-fast-electric-superbike
17.30-18.30 hours – buffet in Vrijhof/Foyer and 18.30-20.00 hours – lectures in Vrijhof/Agora 

More information is available on the website ( For questions, interviews or a visit to the Future Factory, contact Tim Veldhuis (team manager) via or +31(0)6-534 536 97.

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