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Green Team Twente presents latest identity to sponsors

On Thursday, 28 September, Green Team Twente held an especially organised first kick-off for sponsors, partners and students. In addition to the main sponsors, such as the UT and MA-IT, the team is still looking for extra support. During their kick-off in Rijssen, the team presented the old-style hydrogen car H2∞ (‘H2INFINITY’) as well as their latest 'green' identity. The green hydrogen car is in the process of being developed and with all its improvements, the new team is aiming for another top-three position in the Shell Eco-Marathon, the large European sustainability race in London. This competition will most likely take place in June of 2018.

At the kick-off, the Green Team Twente, together with leading professionals, brought together various aspects of hydrogen-fuelled driving and sustainable energy. Approximately fifty interested parties were present and attended presentations by, among others, Prof. Gerrit Brem PhD MSc (University of Twente) on hydrogen and Huib Hupkens van der Elst (HyMove) who explained that it will be possible to own a private hydrogen car within the next five years. Wim Velghe from Air Liquide indicated that many buses will be driving on hydrogen within the next two years. He also said that hydrogen-fuelled driving should not just be a desire we express, but one that we act on.

Future plans Green Team Twente

The ambitions and plans of the new Green Team Twente are nothing to be sneered at. Feike van Veen (Team Manager Green Team Twente): “We are creating a completely new car, both technically improved and adapted to meet sustainable standards. We have set new targets for ourselves. Our old car drove 890 km/L; this time we're aiming for 1,000 km/L. The car will get a new aerodynamic design, which decreases air resistance by as much as 25%. And we will be driving faster, going from 36 km/hr to 50 km/hr. We're aiming for gold at the Shell Eco-Marathon again and it is our ambition to participate in the Drivers World Championship in London as well. At that race, you're allowed to drive 50 kilometres per hour. This means that not only fuel-efficiency will be important, but the driving skills of the driver as well. In addition, Green Team Twente now has a new location, close to the campus of the University of Twente.

About Green Team Twente

Green Team Twente 2018 consists of 23 students from different disciplines. Most of them study Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering at the UT, but the team also includes students from the educational programmes Industrial Design, Advanced Technology, Technical Computer Science, Applied Physics, Industrial Engineering and Management, ATLAS University College and Chemical Engineering. Various programmes offer the possibility to select ‘Green Team Twente’ as a minor.

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