Students and staff support refugees

Together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the ROC van Twente, the University of Twente announced their willingness to contribute to a warm welcome for refugees coming to Enschede and the Twente region. The announcement has led to many spontaneous ideas by employees and students of the university. By bundling these great initiatives, the UT hopes to be of added value. A few actions have been launched already.

Submit your initiative

The University of Twente wants to support personal initiatives of employees and students, in particular these initiatives that fit our core activities in education and personal development. The focus is on personal and voluntary activities, with no public (financial) resources involved. Use the link to the form below to submit your ideas.

What's your initiative?
Please use the form to bring your ideas and initiatives to our attention. Together with Saxion and ROC van Twente, we will built upon these initiatives, in order to make sure all the hard work will lead to a warm welcome for the refugees in the region.


The University of Twente offered its employees the possibility to donate a vacation day.The proceeds of the initiative will be donated towards the support for refugees. A fund will be created, managed by the Stichting Universiteitsfonds Twente. The fund will use the contributions for student grants, contribution towards tuition fees, etc. for eligible refugees.

Will you join?
We have built an online tool to easily donate your vacation day for the cause. Use the button to find out more information on how it works and how to contribute straight away.
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