THe week Of inspiration 2017 - Foundations of life. During this week in November a lot of inspiring and interesting people will speak at the university of twente. Here is the Provisional programme.


During the Week of Inspiration seven guest speakers, all at the top of their fields, will visit the University of Twente. The topics of their talks will be very diverse, so that everyone can find a lecture that can inspire them. Below you can find the provisional programme and speakers for the Week of Inspiration 2017. More information on the speakers and the topics of their lectures will be made available later.

monday 20 november

LUNCH: Jan Terlouw - De essentie van politiek is moraliteit (NL)

EVENING: Philipp Gunz - Evolution of Homo Sapiens

tuesday 21 November

LUNCH: Susan Blackmore - The Experience of Consciousness

EVENING: John D. Barrow - Our Place in the Universe

wednesday 22 November

LUNCH: Claudia Olsson - Exponential Technologies

EVENING: Bram Bakker - Pills or Running for Psychiatry?

thursday 23 November

LUNCH: Steven Cowley - The Scientific Challenges of Fusion Power


In the 2017 edition of the Week of Inspiration the guest lectures will be complemented with interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring workshops. These workshops are aimed at students and organized throughout the week. Under professional guidance of an expert you will get inspired by, explore, and create new and interesting ideas. More information on the topic of the workshops and the experts that guide them will be made available later.


On the evening of Thursday 23 November 2017 the Week of Inspiration will be closed by an entertaining, cultural event. More information will be made available later.