Events & Ceremonies

Twente Science Week

After the success of the first edition, the UT offers a new dynamic event during the national Weekend of Science. This year’s theme: Safe & Secure.

During the Twente Science Week, 28 September till 1 October, we will transform the Oude Markt and surrounding areas to a location with loads to see, do and explore. Right at the intersection of science, art and amusement. All is centered around the theme of Safe & Secure. Safety, in every sense, is one of the key necessities in today’s society. But how safe is our data on the internet? Do we need to worry about natural disasters? And what do robots have to with your health? The smart technology we work on at the University of Twente contribute substantially in taking on these challenges. We would love to show them to the world.


We have set up an inspiring programme for the week. The Grote Kerk (large church) will host an interactive science quiz, in which 250 famous and less-famous visitors will be challenged with surprising and rock-solid questions, interspersed with interesting mind triggers. Two large dome tents will be installed on the Oude Markt, providing space for the best of science, technology and art. Also, other locations will cooperate, where some of the events will take place. E.g., Twente Academy, the pre-university college of the UT, will organize a three day interactive programme for school classes.

Find out more on the programme on our Dutch website, There, you can sign up for the side events (if needed, some require no registration) and get updated on new programme items, as we are currently still adding new exciting events to the programme.