Education award

During the Opening of the Academic Year, the best lecturer of the University of Twente wil receive the Education Award. With this award, both students and the University emphasize the importance of the quality of education and encourage lecturers to teach with a high level of excellence. The winner will receive a certificate as well as a cheque of € 2,500. Once a year, this event is organized by the Centrale Onderwijsprijs Commissie (COP).

TGS award

During the Opening of the Academic Year, the Twente Graduate School (TGS) issues the TGS Award to a future TGS student. This Award is handed out by the Rector Magnificus.

Nominees for this award are talented and excellent UT Master’s students who have the ambition to pursue a PhD degree and are working on a research proposal for external funding in the first half year, together with a supervisor or professor. Eligible students are in the final phase of their Master’s programme. Six research proposals are each sent to two external reviewers (experts in the field). The external reviews as well as the presentations and interviews with the candidates form the basis for the TGS Award. A jury will rank the proposals and choose the winner.

In addition, the winner of the award receives a cheque of € 2,500 to be spent on Doctoral Education (summer school, workshop, or conference).

Graduation Award

The Graduation Award is given by the University of Twente to excellent MSc students to honour their achievements. Five Master students (one from each Faculty) will receive the award during the Opening of the Academic Year. The Rector Magnificus hands out these awards:  a certificate and a cheque of €1000.


The BIG is an annual grant for an individual member of (academic) staff, that enables him or her to design and/or test an innovative didactical concept, preferably in a course or module delivered at the University of Twente. 

The grant includes financial compensation for 0,2 fte of the candidate’s appointment, to be awarded by the department for the period of one calender year. Furthermore, the candidate can declare up to k2,5 for travelling and other expenses related to the project. And finally, the candidate can call on support  by experts from the CELT-team.

There is also a small trophy connected to the commencement of the grant.