NanoLab Anniversary

Timeline contributions

Timeline contributions

We’re celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the NanoLab and the 25-year anniversary of the Cleanroom at the University of Twente. Time to look back on special, groundbreaking or funny moments, to reflect on important developments and to focus on ambitions for the future. We will be creating a timeline that includes additions by anyone who has a link with the NanoLab or the Cleanroom.

Share your personal story on the timeline

We challenge you to share your personal stories. Think of special breakthroughs, products that utilized your technology, the start of your professional group, research or career, or even stories about the special facilities such as buildings and equipment and people who have played an important role. Everything that is special to you and that contributes to your personal story matters, and makes the story complete.

Why and for whom?

During this anniversary period, we will start with our own collective story, but we will continue to build the timeline and keep our story up to date afterwards. This allows us to continuously show everyone - from MESA+ employees and colleagues at the University of Twente, to our academic peers, the press and the general public - what our ideas are, what we do, and how we do it; in a special environment, with a unique chemistry. It is something to be proud of and, although it is not in our Twente genes, it is something to promote!

Practical note

You can send your contribution(s) via the form on the timeline.

  • Your contribution consists of a visual (photograph, research image, video) and text.
  • You can refer to another website (e.g. department or news item), by providing the URL in your text.
  • Filtering on the timeline is done by so-called tags: make sure that your item can be found by choosing the right tags.
  • A personal story is written in your own words. You can submit your stories in Dutch and English. The text does not need to be particularly well written. 

The timeline will continue to evolve. Do not forget to take a look at it yourself once in a while. You can share items from the timeline via social media, and you can also 'like' items. The most-liked posts will appear in the Hall of Fame. These stories will also be discussed during the final meeting. And that’s exactly what you want, right?! 

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