NanoLab Anniversary

NanoLab & Cleanroom anniversary program

The NanoLab and Cleanroom form the heart of cutting-edge research in micro- and nanotechnology. Their anniversaries are a moment for everyone involved - researchers, external users, students and staff - to reflect on this and to gain extra attention for nanotechnology in Twente. The upcoming 6 months, several activities will be set up to celebrate the anniversaries. The program is still in development. All information can be found in due time at this website. Also you will be informed by special anniversary newsletters.


  • 5 November:      Anniversary NanoLab
  • 27 November:    Dies Natalis
  • 12 December:    Anniversary Cleanroom
  • January-March: Nanolab Tours Special Edition Business
  • January-March: Nanolab Tours Special Edition Students/Employees