Entrepreneurial Day

Workshop with Jose van Dijk (Cisco)

Workshop: Digitalization of Work, Collaboration and Organization


Jose van Dijk, Vice President of Cisco US
Jos van Hillegersberg, professor of Business Information Systems, University of Twente


Wednesday, 14 June, 15.30 – 17.00hrs  - Classroom of the Future


While digitalization of work and collaboration has progressed over the last 50 years, it seems we are only at the beginning of entirely new ways of organizing our work. The combination of ever more powerful technologies could mean a drastic change and leap forward in creating value and addressing societal challenges. These technologies include smart sensors, cloud based collaboration environments, data science and analytics tools. In addition, progress in artificial intelligence should enable us to achieve a new level of human-computer collaboration, also referred to human-computer symbiosis.

In this workshop we discuss these technological developments and how they can be used to address societal challenges. What is the role of universities and how can professionals be educated that know how technology can be used to have a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable society. 

You are given an overview of current and future technologies that are expected to have the potential to change work, life, and enable collaboration and organizations in radically new ways. You are challenged to work in small teams to design an application that optimally makes use such technology and also think about the transformation needed. Ideas will be discussed and the workshop organizers will provide feedback on the viability and challenges.