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Entrepreneurial Day 2018

The Entrepreneurial Day 'Inspiring Pioneers' on Thursday 21 June 2018 is all about entrepreneurship, pioneering, innovation and collaboration. Do you have an entrepreneurial mind? Or do you want to learn more about the knowledge and experience of inspiring pioneers? Anyone interested in anything that has to do with entrepreneurship is welcome to attend the varied program: whether they are entrepreneurs, governments, UT students or relations. There is enough inspiration for everyone!

The main language during this event is English. Participation is free of charge.

Inspiring Pioneers

True pioneers always inspire us: people who make the difference, by choosing a fully new path. But how do we, in turn, inspire tomorrow’s pioneers? How can the Most Entrepreneurial University be the ideal breeding ground for frontrunners? And what will society expect from them?

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21 June 2018
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For this year’s Innovation Lecture, we invited Peter Wennink, CEO and President of ASML. ASML is a pioneering company par excellence: not only in its early years, as a Philips spinoff, but ever since, on a day-to-day basis. To stay competitive in semiconductor chip manufacturing, ASML has to do the seemingly impossible, time and again. Peter Wennink will give his vision on the qualities he would like to see in university graduates and on university-industry collaboration.


You can meet the next unicorns, (pre)startups and partners at the vibrant Entrepreneurial Market and see great examples of student entrepreneurship in the grand final of the University of Twente Entrepreneurial Challenge. Furthermore, we will award the Van Den Kroonenberg Prize for young entrepreneurship, named after the pioneer of our entrepreneurial university, and the Marina van Damme Scholarship. Singer-songwriter Jeangu Macrooy will perform live to make this day even more special.

We look forward to meeting you on 21 June 2018, please make sure to register timely for this event.