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Online media service desk

Our service desk is open every day to help you with any questions relating to online services. Perhaps you have a question about the functionalities of the Webhare system, need a little bit of help with something, or want to submit news items for the UT's centralized website. Contact our service desk directly by sending an email to or give us a call on 053 489 5665.

Form for standard requests

The service desk has drawn up a form for frequently requested items, such as websites, Webhare accounts or the creation of an email address. The form will help you to make all the necessary arrangements online.

Large consultancy orders

The Medialab department will be pleased to help you with setting up or redesigning a website. You need to fill in an order form if the order or consultancy request is a larger one (entailing more than four hours of work). You will find more information about the types of order with this order form (in Dutch). Once you have filled in the form, we will contact you to discuss the order and to start work on it.

List of products and services offered by medialab

We can offer you much more than support for creating a website. Find more manuals, tips, social media, photos and videos on the web, and much more besides, on our list of products and services