Strategic Partners

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (Germany)

The Westfalische Wilhems-Universitat is located in Munster, only 75 kilometers from the University of Twente.

 The university has over 43000 students, spread over 15 faculties, which makes it the third university of Germany in size. A great deal of the students is international, up to 8%. The university is ranked as the 256th university of the world (ranking?). Munster hosts many cycling lanes which makes it the main means of transportation for students around the city.

History of collaboration

Internationalization is a hot topic at many universities, and so it is for Münster and Twente. Both institutions are looking for partnerships all over the globe. Though, one of your strongest international connections might even be closer than the nearest domestic university. The universities of Twente (UT) and Münster (WWU) have been partners since 1979.


  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Student/Staf exchange agreement
  • Joint education Agreement: Joint Bachelor's Degree (Specialization) Programme ''Public Governance across Borders''

Prof. Ursula Nelles, rector of the university of Münster and Victor der Chijs, president of the executive board of the University of Twente, signing a cooperation agreement in Münster.

Support facilities for cooperation

Collaborating with the WWU and sharing knowledge and resources with this university is an important part of UT’s mission. Therefore, UT launches a yearly call for proposals to stimulate collaboration with the WWU.  The aim of this call it to stimulate synergetic collaboration resulting in a strong strategic partnerships with the WWU.

In 2016, Prof. dr. R.H.J.A. Slart, Biomedical Photonic Imaging, University of Twente, and his colleagues at UT and counterparts at the WWU will be supported in developing their research and educational collaboration. The collaboration between the two groups offers synergies for achieving the next advances in photoacoustic imaging and PET/MRI for molecular imaging. It must be emphasized that these first topics are to represent the first steps in a sustainable collaboration on the subject of photoacoustic and PET/MRI molecular imaging. UT believes that the influx of students into the collaboration will increase; moreover, this is one of the first initiatives in this field that will open the access for students to both institutions. An attractive education program will be offered.

current & past projects

A report of the collaboration between the University of Twente & Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) in Münster.

It started with a joint match-making activity of the University of Twente in Munster on the 19th of May in 2016. This informative meeting resulted in several potential collaborative projects in research and education, in the field of imaging diagnostics and therapy, such as molecular imaging with hybrid imaging and optoacoustic imaging.

The was the start-off to apply for the ISP grant of 2016/2017, and it was successful! After awarding our group with this honor, two Technical Medicine Master1 students started on Quantitative PET/MRI projects at the department of NuklearMedizin in Münster.

Meanwhile a joint research initiative with post-doc Joost Pouw (PET/MRI for precision radiotherapy) followed in Münster.

A collaboration project in upgrading the existing dynamic heart phantom: DIAMOND (Dynamic anthropomorphic myocardial perfusion phantom for multimodal imaging ) project was launched. PhD student Marije Kamphuis is working on this cross-border project.

Teaching  PET/CT application in inflammation & PET/MR to Technical Medicine students (open slots in TM program) by  Riemer Slart and  Lars Stegger at the University of Twente,

Lars Stegger and Florian Büther joined in the course Advanced Medical Imaging & Therapy Systems BME program organized by Srirang Manohar of the University of Twente. On 14 July 2017 a board meeting  of the Universities of Münster (WWU) and UTwente was organized and a pitch was presented by our working group Biomedical Imaging Münster/Twente.

Our ISP project experienced a promising start of strategic collaboration with the involved people. To booster new proposals and projects on a larger scale a Cross border WWU & Twente Imaging symposium is planned on 30th November 2017.

Members of the WWU from imaging and clinical sciences – surgery and nephrology – and Srirang Manohar from UT developed the first steps for collaboration in photoacoustic imaging. This was done in the context of a larger European initiative to develop imaging and tissue assessment (at the tip of a needle) in surgery and nephrology for the H2020 Innovations s.  Michael Eisenblätter from the photoacoustics group of radiology in Münster and Srirang Manohar from Twente participated in a meeting together with colleagues from TU Delft, Academic Medical Center, Polytechnic Milan, BK Medical, Ekpsla at a meeting in Copenhagen on  11 January 2017. While the proposal was not ultimately submitted these first efforts will form the backbone for a H2020 proposal in 2019.

Riemer HJA Slart (UTwente), Srirang Manohar (UTwente) & Lars Stegger (WWU Münster).


Contact person UT

Mr. Sander Lotze