Strategic Partners

Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico)

Tecnologico de Monterrey or in short just ‘Tec’, is a large private university and consists of 31 campuses spread over 25 cities. Tec aims to be innovative, with high focus on the future of our society. 

Tec educates its 95000 students on 31 campuses in 25 Mexican cities through five main schools, namely: the School of Engineering and Sciences, EGADE Business School, School of Government and Public Transformation, and the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. The university is ranked with five stars in the QS rating for excellence, which classifies the university on more than just education and research but also on available facilities for instance. The university is the only Latin American university in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) of which the University of Twente is also part.

History of collaboration

The first agreement for cooperation dates back to the year 2000 and included collaboration and exchange in the fields of Teaching Methodology and Project Oriented Learning.  During the ’90s many groups of Tec employees paid visits to UT in order to be educated in UT's way of teaching. 

The first official exchange agreement was signed in 2014, even though exchange of students was already common since 2007. Based on the exchange agreement signed in 2014, 10 exchange semesters are currently allowed to be exchanged. It is likely that the amount of students to be exchanged will formally double numbers in 2017. UT students enjoy their exchange period at the Tec campus based in the city of Monterrey and the city of Queretaro. UT hosts Tec students from all ITESM campuses. 

The educational collaboration is currently being extended toward integrated Bachelor of Science programmes in Industrial Design and in the field of Communication Studies & Digital Media with the ITESM campus in Queretaro. On the long run we hope this possibility will be open to all ITESM students. 


  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Student/staff exchange agreement
  • Agreement of CSTM-UT and CICA-ITESM Campus Mexico State

Support facilities for cooperation

Collaborating with the Tec and sharing knowledge and resources with this university is an important part of UT’s mission. Therefore, UT launches a yearly call for proposals internally to enhance collaboration with the Tec. The aim of this call it to stimulate synergetic collaboration resulting in a strong strategic partnerships with the Tec. UT professors are invited to teach at Tec campus Queretaro every year during the International Education Week.


There are lot of students in the city so you can always find something to do. But if you prefer to have a quiet and calm life, the city is also suitable for that.Ricardo

I came to the University of Twente last year after a suggestion of my supervisor in bachelor and now I think it was an excellent decision. The quality of the courses that I have taken is exceptional and I have learn a lot. Of course you need to work hard but the rewards worth it.

In particular, the city of Enschede, is very convenient, you can move by bike everywhere and everything is close by. There are lot of students in the city so you can always find something to do, specially because there are many groups and activities organized by the students and by the university. Of course if you prefer to have a quiet and calm life, the city is also suitable for that. Moreover, traveling to other cities in The Netherlands is quite easy so you can visit them even only for a one day trip. On the other side the border with Germany is really close, so visiting some german cities is also quite easy, something that I find very convenient.

Talking about convenient things, all the people speak English and that was an important factor for me , since I didn't know Dutch and people is very open to speak to you in English almost everywhere. Later on you can take some of the Dutch courses that the university offers to get closer to the culture of the country, but that is up to you.

There is something that could be a little bit annoying, and that's the weather: it is very unpredicatable and often is raining, so I would recommend you to prepare to ride a bike under a small rain quite often, but eventually you get use to it and even you can enjoy it sometimes. Nevertheless, I think this makes studying in the UT a whole experience that makes you face new scenarios and makes you enjoy it a lot.

Ongoing projects

"UT's research group 'Governance and Technology for Sustainability – CSTM” closely collaborates with their counterparts at the TEC, specifically with the Vice-rectory of Research &Technology Transfer and EGADE Business School.  As part of the long story of collaborations with EGADE, on the third week of November 2016, dr. Laura Franco-García visited Campus Monterrey with the purpose to further discuss the setting of the Double Degree PhD programme (DD) “ Governance and sustainability”. The DD aims to create a platform of knowledge  through supervision of mutual PhD candidates who will be initially enrolled to TECs graduate programs. Content-wise, sustainability studies will be at the core of the DD. The multi-disciplinary and international scope of sustainability calls for techno-social innovative solutions. The DD will be initially hosted between the EGADE Business School and CSTM (BMS) with the ambition, in the midterm, to evolve wider to other research fields and engage other research groups at UT.


Contactperson UT

Ms. Karin Paardenkooper