Strategic Partners

Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Brazil)

Instituto Technológica de Aeronáutica (ITA) was founded by the Brazilian Air Force. It is a leading institute of higher education in Brazil. ITA has a strong connection with the aviation industry, and it receives about 8000 applications from new students each year.

Following a demanding entrance examination, only 140 of these candidates are admitted. ITA is located in São José dos Campos, between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where Embraer’s head office and assembly line are also situated. Embraer is one of the largest employers of ITA graduates, and a substantial part of the institute's research work is commissioned by that company. 

History of collaboration

The University of Twente (UT) and ITA, the Aeronautics Institute of Tecnnology (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica) have a long standing history together. Besides sharing staff member – the UT has several ITA graduates amongst its staff-, research collaboration has existed for more than a decade. Most research focusses on Mechanical Engineering. ITA being the lead educational? institute for aerospace technologies in Brazil, the focus is clearly on aerospace-related domains.

ITA is also a partner in education. Students have been travelling to and from ITA and the UT for some 15 years on an individual basis. At the start of 2015, however, the UT and ITA signed a double-degree agreement. Students can now graduate with a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and a degree Aeronautical Engineering from UT and ITA, respectively. This double degree programme is one of the concrete outcomes of a memorandum of understanding between the two institutes signed in September 2014.


Memorandum of Understanding for academic and scientific cooperation

Agreement on Dual Degree Master Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Support facilities for cooperation

Collaborating with ITA and sharing knowledge and resources with this university is an important part of UT’s mission. Therefore, UT launches a yearly call for proposals to stimulate collaboration with the ITA.  The aim of this call it to stimulate synergetic collaboration resulting in a strong strategic partnerships with the ITA.

Laboratório de Automação

Laboratório de Automação


Dr. Luis Ferreira Pires, Associate Professor and ITA graduate

I studied Electronics at ITA (‘Instituto Technológico de Aeronáutica’) and I got my Bachelor degree there in 1983. ITA has been established in 1950 by the Ministry of Aeronautics, in a period of economic growth in Brazil, as an attempt to foster the Aeronautics industry. The study programmes were originally developed with the help of some teachers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who stayed in São José dos Campos in the first years after ITA was established.

When I studied at ITA all the students lived at CTA, which is a military basis where ITA is located. We had lectures and labs almost every day, and in the evening we had to do our homework and/or prepare for the tests and exams. Looking back, I feel I learned quite a lot at that time.

I work at the University of Twente for 28 years now, and ITA has given me the foundations for the work I have done in my whole professional career. We used to say that at ITA you ‘learn to learn’, and I think this is quite true, even more important than the specific technical stuff that I learned, which is mostly outdated by now. I have learned to analyse problems and systematically look for (technical) solutions, and this capability is quite crucial in one’s professional life.

I visited ITA in 2013 together with the students of the USB 14.0 Study tour. We visited the school and the students’ accommodations, and I was happy to be there after some many years. I am very proud to be an alumnus of such an excellent engineering school.


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