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Makes a difference! How about you?

The most economical hydrogen powered car, developing a technical application to prevent osteoarthritis, scholarships for talented students with financial needs, and introducing young children to science and technology: all this can be made possible by the contribution and involvement of the alumni of the University of Twente! This year the University of Twente Foundation is reaching out again within our alumni community. Join us and support these four special projects!

Become a donor and support the project of your choice. You can also make your contribution directly to the following bank account: NL09ABNA0592719189, using the benefactor name: ‘Stichting Universiteitsfonds Twente te Enschede’, and citing the UT Annual Campaign or the project of your choice. Many thanks for your commitment!


Not all research can be completed through regular funding. Private donations make it possible to both undertake new projects and ensure that our scientists have the best facilities. The research project chosen to be included in this year’s UT Annual Campaign is the Injectable Plaster by Professor Marcel Karperien for addressing osteoarthritis. The solution he is developing involves an injectable plaster that helps mend broken cartilage in the joints. Read more (in Dutch) >>

University Scholarship fund

The University Scholarship Fund is meant to support talented and motivated students who lack funding for their education and enables them to study at the University of Twente.
Scholarships through this fund are given out annually to both Dutch and international students for the University College ATLAS. Read more (in Dutch) >>

Student projects

University of Twente students are notorious for their high level of activism. Donors make many student initiatives possible and help also to ensure that these projects are a success. These initiatives not only help students but also boost the profile of the university both in and outside of the Netherlands.
The student project chosen to be included in this year’s UT Annual Campaign is Green Team Twente. The students of Green Team Twente have built a car powered by hydrogen in order to prove that this renewable fuel is a clean competitor to more conventional fossil fuel powered vehicles. Read more (in Dutch) >>

campus activities

Most University of Twente graduates would agree that the various student associations offering culture, sports, and countless of other activities along with the beautiful scenery of the campus ensure a memorable student experience. Through your support we can make sure that future students enjoy a similar unique experience!
The campus activity chosen to be included in this year’s UT Annual Campaign is Science on Tour. Science on Tour is a team of 50 students who introduce young children to science and technology in order to hopefully ignite a future interest pursuing an education in technical studies. Read more (in Dutch) >>

Read here (in Dutch) for more information on how to donate to the University Foundation.