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Alumni association of wijsgerig ingenieurs

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The “Vereniging van Wijsgerig Ingenieurs” is the allumni association for graduates from the study program Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society. It has as goal to maintain and facilitate contact between alumni, the university (faculty), the study program, and current students. All alumni are welcome. We hope to see you at our activities.


Hanneke Bodewes, Bram Hendriks, Cora Koopman and Govert Valkenburg


VWI organiseert diverse activiteiten voor haar alumni in samenwerkingen met s.v. W.T.S. Ideefiks and the faculty. During these events a diverse group of subjects are touched upon. This group includes:
- Career
- Research
- Study\Education
- Management (General Assembly)
Meer informatie over deze en toekomstige activiteiten is te vinden via de onderstaande links.




Studie Association Ideefiks