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The “Vereniging Twentse Bestuurskundigen” (VTB) exists since 1984 and has as goal to maintain and strengthen the bond amongst Business Administration alumni of the University of Twente and their bond with the Business Administration study program at the UT.

VTB attempts to achieve this goal through:

a.       Providing information on the current state of affairs and developments in the field of Business Administration in general, and especially Business Administration at the UT.

b.      Organizing gatherings with a social and educational theme.


Mart oude Egbrink, Wouter Kegel and Bart van Oort


VTB organizes several activities for its members in cooperation with S.A. Sirius and the faculty. During these events a diverse group of subjects are touched upon. This group includes:
- Career
- Research
- Study\Education
- Management (General Assembly)
For more information on current and future events please visit the website through the link below.


Website VTB

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