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The University of Twente
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Part of either looking or starting a first job is developing a new network of contacts. This network already exists: your former classmates! UT alumni have started their own groups both within and outside of the Netherlands. These chapters organize different activities such as company visits, thematic evenings, workshops, and networking mixers. As either a recent or not so recent graduate, you are welcome to become active in an alumni chapter. 

Currently there are alumni chapters in the following Dutch cities: Amsterdam,Arnhem/Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Groningen, and Utrecht

If you would like to receive notice via e-mail of activities organized by a specific alumni chapter please contact the Alumni Office.

Is there no alumni chapter in your region? Consider creating one or perhaps joining the nearest existing one to your home or place of employment. 


Established in 2007 by UT alumnus Jeroen de Brouwer. For more information join the Amsterdam Alumni Chapter Linkedin Group (Linkedin groep Amsterdam).

Arnhem - Nijmegen

Established in 2008 by UT alumnus Martijn Sijbers. For more information join the Arnhem-Nijmegen Alumni Chapter Linkedin Group (LinkedIn alumnikring Arnhem-Nijmegen).

The Hague

For several years now, an UT alumni chapter has been active in The Hague. There are currently about 100 alumni involved. Initiated by former TCW-student Renate Pauw, activities are regularly organized.


Established in 2008 by UT alumnus Toon van Bussel.


Established in 2008 by UT alumnus Herbert Goorhuis. For more information join the Groningen Alumni Chapter Linkedin group (Linkedin Alumnikring Groningen).


Rotterdam has an alumni chapter since oktober 2007. Following the initiative of (amongst others) former CT-student Rijk Schildmeijer, meetings have been organized ever since. 


Following the initiative of BSK-alumna Wendy Kits, a Twente alumni chapter has been founded. All alumni living in this region are welcome to join. Even if you are not living in Twente, you are more than welcome at the activities of this alumni chapter.


Established in 2008 by a group of local alumni. For more information join the Utrecht Alumni Chapter Linkedin Group.


On Thursday 2nd, October 2008 the Zwolle alumni chapter has been founded by four UT-alumni.