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On the 26th of October 1992 the “ENschedese Informatica Club” (ENIAC) was founded. The goal of this association is to maintain contact amongst alumni and between alumni and the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Twente.

Multiple activities are organized each years such as drinks, lectures, social/cultural activities and culinary events. Besides these ENIAC publishes a magazine three to four times a year, in this magazine members share fun and interesting stories such as research projects and stories from abroad, messages from the faculty and alumni.

Besides the magazine ENIAC also publishes a yearbook in which alumni can find current information about each other such as: where alumni live and work, when they graduated and where they graduated.


Jasper Kuperus, Sjoerd van der Spoel and Mark Oude Veldhuis


Eniac organizes several activities for its members in cooperation with I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief and the faculty. During these events a diverse group of subjects are touched upon. This group includes:
- Career
- Research
- Study\Education
- Management (General Assembly)
For more information on current and future events please visit the website through the link below.


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