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On the 26th of October 1992 the “ENschedese Informatica Club” (ENIAC) was founded. ENIAC is the alumni association for the bachelor programs Technical Computer Science and Business & IT and the related master programs at the University of Twente. The association has the mission to stimulate the contacts between alumni and with the faculty of EEMCS. Therefore, ENIAC regularly organizes meet-ups and events, which is a great way to keep in touch with your former study mates! 

For only a few euros per year, you're a member of ENIAC. This grants you access to all activities, including drinks, lectures and social events with cultural, culinary and sportive themes. Additionally,  all members are also automatically granted access to all activities of study association of Inter-Actief, making a wide range of activities members can participate in. Besides these, ENIAC also regularly publishes the I/O Vivat magazine, with fun interesting stories from the area of expertise, the faculty and from other alumni, making it an awesome way to stay up to date.


Lisa de Wilde - Chair
Regie Mocking - Secretaris
Matthijs Koridon - Treasurer
Martijn Hoogesteger - General member


The website of ENIAC contains an overview of all former and future activities. This includes when the drinks and activities are and which fun activities you might have missed.

As said, ENIAC also collaborates with study association Inter-Actief, granting members access to all their activities as well. More information on these activities can be found on the website of Inter-Actief.


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