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Bekader is the alumni association for graduates of Industrial Engineering and Management of the faculty Behavioural Management and Social Sciences (BMS) at the University of Twente. The association was founded in 1983 and has grown to approximately 1150 members including 250 student members.

The faculty BMS approximately 360 employees and 1600 students. The BMS faculty includes Public Administration, European Studies, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management. For all these areas both the bachelor and master are part of the faculty, the faculty also offers post-graduate education and conducts multidisciplinary research into important social issues.

Bekader is a network association and its main focus is to maintain and reinforce the bond between its members and their bond to the faculty.

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Danny Kappen and Kirsten van der Reest


Bekader organizes several activities for its members in cooperation with S.A. Stress and the educational program. During these events a diverse group of subjects are touched upon. This group includes:
- Career
- Research
- Study\Education
- Management (General Assembly)
For more information on current and future events please visit the website through the link below.


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