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Amygdala is the alumni association for the both Psychology bachelor and master alumni of the University of Twente. On their website you will be able to find information on the association and the activities it organizes as well as several practical tip for students and newcomers to the labor market.

The Amygdala can be called the “Emotional brain”, since it plays an important part in how we deal with our emotions and react to this. The alumni association Amygdala wants to shape this (emotional) connection between old and current psychology students at the University of Twente.

Ideas for activities or questions? E-mail alumni association Amygdala.

Current board

Jochem Goldberg, Marie-Louise ter Horst, Melle Koedijk and Niels van Leuteren


Amygdala organizes several activities for its members in cooperation with S.A. Dimensie and the faculty. During these events a diverse group of subjects are touched upon. This group includes:
- Career
- Research
- Study\Education
- Management (General Assembly)
For more information on current and future events please visit the website through the link below.


Website Amygdala

LinkedIn group Amygdala