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The University of Twente values its relationships with its alumni throughout the world. An active network of alumni can help maintain and develop this contact between the University and its former students.

The UT supports active alumni chapters all around the world. There are several specific UT alumni chapters that are set up exclusively by and for alumni of the University of Twente, but the UT also supports the Holland Alumni Network that supports alumni from all Dutch institutions of higher education since in many countries there are too few alumni to set up an exclusive UT alumni chapter.

The UT also supports regional alumni chapters within the Netherlands. Regional alumni chapters of the University of Twente gather regularly for informal meetings including lectures, company visits, and dinner or drinks. This is an excellent way to meet new people or maintain contact with old friends and to learn more about career and business opportunities in your area. Of course, chapter activities are open to alumni from anywhere in the world.


Below you can find an overview of active alumni chapters (or chapters that are currently being set up) that are outside the Netherlands. Is your region or country not included in the list below? Perhaps there is a Netherlands Alumni Association for your country of the Holland Alumni Network. Or else, contact us to create a new University of Twente alumni chapter.

You can find an overview of the Regional Dutch chapters within the Netherlands on our Dutch website.


The ITC alumni associations around the world enable graduates from the UT Faculty of Geo-Information Science & Earth Observation to build personal networks and share knowledge, ideas and experience with  fellow alumni. Check these links for a list of ITC alumni associations in AfricaAsiaAmericasEurope, and Oceania

For more information about ITC related alumni events and news check out the alumni page of the Faculty of Geo-Information Science & Earth Observation.    


Alumni of the University of Twente are spread over the entire globe. However, in many countries, the number of alumni is less than ten, and in larger countries, it is difficult to organise events exculsively for UT alumni. Therefore, the UT supports the Holland Alumni Network which is part of the Nuffic organisation.

The Holland Alumni Network unites alumni from all Dutch institutions of higher education in approximaelty 60 countries, and each country has at least one Netherlands Alumni Association (NAA).
The Holland Alumni Network has details of all active international NAAs and information about how to join.