Living Smart Campus

Technology will enable a better Future for all Of society. This is our core belief at Living Smart campus.

What is living smart campus?

The Living Smart Campus program aims to enable a rapid prototyping and testing environment by facilitating collaboration between companies, researchers, and students. By creating this powerful link between these parties and offering the campus as a testing grounds for projects we hope to create tomorrows technologies without being limited by today's regulations.

Tackling the big problem

There currently is a big problem in our society: Technology is evolving faster than laws and regulations can keep up with. This means that researchers and innovators are limited as to what they can physically test in a real world environment - they are left to hypothesizing how their idea will affect society. We aim to solve this problem by utilizing the campus of the University of Twente to its full extent to host projects.

The Campus of the University of Twente is unique in the Netherlands, as it represents a small, integrated society in which students and professors both work and live. Empowered by relaxed regulations on the campus, testing legally borderline projects here provides the possibility to observe their impact on this “micro-society” before advancing them to a bigger scale.

Additionally, projects have access to the facilities of the universities including labs, researchers and manufacturing facilities. These enable a more rapid prototyping cycle and aid with keeping the technology ahead of the curve.

How can you Participate

Living Smart Campus relies on a collaboration of companies, researchers, and students working together to break free from traditional thinking patterns and solve problems. Send an email to let us know about your great idea that might be piloted at our University campus.

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