A joint, phased art project to celebrate and promote UT’s milestones. Fifty-five years of the University of Twente is a great time to stop and look back on our achievements (or what we still want to achieve) and a good time to treat ourselves and the region to a lasting contribution in the shape of art on Campus.

We can be proud of what we have achieved over the past few years, but what exactly did we discover, achieve and do? What happened in the university buildings and laboratories? At UT we also have to show this to the ‘outside world’, using the Campus as a stage to present 55 years of education and research.

Out of all the ideas, projects, studies, discoveries, inventions and UT intellectual legacy, a representation of employees and students of all programmes will, per faculty, nominate the eleven most provocative, innovative, ground-breaking and trendsetting UT milestones.

These 55 highlights will be presented to the UT community in five groups. The UT community will then be able to vote (online): what are you proud of and what do you feel is UT’s best legacy? Ten ideas (two for each category) will remain after this voting round. For each category/faculty, one multidisciplinary jury will choose one milestone. The jury will consist of one inspiring chair (a famous alumnus) as well as: a delegation consisting of students, employees, a member of the Executive Board, a prominent Twente local (e.g. an artist), etc.

These five highlights/UT milestones will be ‘translated’ into different types of art that will be presented/revealed ceremoniously on Campus. In addition to the art, the story behind it is also key: ‘visitors’ of the artwork can experience it, see it, feel it, be part of it, et cetera (this can differ per art project). The pieces of art will amaze and inspire, they can be functional or real eye-catchers, and they are preferably high-tech, while also displaying a human touch. By definition, the projects are large and will have a (temporary) prominent place on Campus or will move (themselves) across Campus. The UT Sm(Art) is a lasting thing in the shape of a work of art, but it can also be ‘translated’ into a poem, dance choreography, photography or music. Existing UT objects can play a part in translating the milestone. In short: practical inspirational creations with an artistic feel display what UT education and research stands for.

The pieces of UT (Sm)Art will be created by UT students, alumni, employees, students of the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts (AKI), Twente Regional Training Centre et cetera. Every piece of art is an individual project, which will allow us to generate media attention for each piece.