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The Sports and Culture Department of the Campus unit has issued multiple proposals for using the campus for or in service to project-based education at UT: Safety of the Watersports Complex, Outdoor Fitness Campus/R&D square, development of UT’s own waste-to-energy plant, Solar Bicycle Path ‘Boulevard Campus UT’, and Campus as a Field Lab for Exergames. The following is a brief explanation of these proposals.

Safety of the Watersports Complex
Currently, a study within three Euros societies on the (channel) Watersports Complex is in progress. The societies have regulated some matters with respect to safety, but there is no synergy between them and the available means of communication (smartphones, apps, etc.) are used too little. The Twente Education Model (TOM) makes sure that the complex is used intensively after 17:00 on weekdays and in weekends. Due to cutbacks, executive staff are decreasingly present and students (administrators) are given a lot more responsibility. This requires proper agreements between Sports/SU/Sportkoepel/societies/students. Embedding current rules in websites and/or smartphones (orange/red weather alarms) would be a wonderful project.

Rowing after sunset is prohibited, which can be made visible by, for instance, linking the clock (time of sunset) to LED lighting (red/orange/green) on or around the pontoon, etc.

Outdoor Fitness Campus/R&D Square
The Phono (outdoor DJ table) and the new outdoor fitness facility have been installed on Campus. An added benefit is that UT students and TU Delft students were involved in the development of the Phono by the Yalp company. This company offers internships to students every year. It would be great if prototypes of new outdoor fitness equipment, for example, could be placed here on Campus or around the R&D square.

The development of UT’s own waste-to-energy plant combined with a new swimming pool or upon renovation of UT’s current outdoor swimming pool

An energy-saving cover over the UT swimming pool was installed in the past year and the FSC installed solar panels. However, the pool will be in need of renovations in five to ten years. Roofing or partial roofing of the pool are all possible solutions and a final thesis project is currently linked to this. The energy costs and CO2 footprint are vitally important with respect to swimming pools and ice rinks. Would it not be great if UT could connect its own (small) power plant to our (outdoor) swimming pool?

Solar Bicycle Path ‘Boulevard Campus UT’
After the example set in Krommenie, the bicycle path consists of various concrete 2.5 by 3.5 metre modules. Crystalline silicon solar cells have been installed on one side of the path underneath a hardened glass layer with a non-slip coating. The other side of the path does not contain solar cells and is used to test a variety of coatings. The solar power generating bicycle path is still in its pilot phase and SolaRoad will thus be tested extensively for the next 2.5 years.

Campus as a Field Lab for Exergames
Serious gaming and developing interactive movement games (health-Exergames) are a hot topic! The Campus and our sports centre are a prime location for a field lab to this end.