This project focuses on the application of playful technology and gamification in the development of a new and innovative look at the campus and campus life.

The campus is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our University, providing everything from housing and employment to recreation. The campus benefits from its green surroundings, it is spacious and has good connections to the outlying area. Even though the campus is relatively new, a lot can and has been said about it. We propose to start a project in which student groups execute multidisciplinary projects with respect to the ‘Playful Campus’.

Our wish to explore the options that the campus offers for the application of games and gamification in a multitude of fields is key to the Playful Campus project.

  • Education – reward and assessment corresponding to motivational processes.
  • Culture, architecture – making our heritage and stories visible through personal tagging and collective historiography (the history of houses and their inhabitants, the history of buildings, design characteristics). ‘Are you aware of all the beautiful things that started beneath the clock tower?’
  • Signposting. It is not always clear to visitors and new employees where people are located on campus. This needs to be improved!
  • Sports challenges – timed races along all UT landmarks (the order of which will change).
  • Presenting the university in a multitude of ways – not just the buildings and the grounds, but also the human networks, relocations, collaborations (data visualization, Virtual UT).

This involves a collection of (student) projects in which the use of playful technology, playful applications and gamification are key. In light of the attention on the games industry, this will lead to projects that could potentially be newsworthy and to results that will be embedded in the academic community. It will result in a host of knowledge with regard to the use of gamification and playful technology in an environment in which effects can be studied and for which, apart from design research, there is also room for empirical reflection. This will lead to new collaboration on campus and various research groups and student groups can be included on a per-project basis.

The projects that will be further defined by students together with their supervisors will be society-driven, focusing on synergy between different disciplines and technologies, and will be enterprising. Furthermore, they will contribute to an innovative look at the campus, focus on the formation of a playful experience and provide insight into our community.