Testing and installing sensors during the asphalt construction process

This project is part of the ASPARi research unit, in this projects sensors are being installed during the asphalt construction process. This is done to:

(1) see whether the sensors are able to withstand the harsh construction temperatures (as high as 190°C) and compaction pressures (roller compactors weigh up to 20 tons each) while the asphalt layer is constructed and

(2) after construction, to measure loading, temperature (especially the effects of sub-zero temperatures on the asphalt layer), shape detection, damage detection and other parameters whilst the road is in use.

It will be great during a future asphalt layer construction on the UT campus, if various active and passive sensors could be installed into the asphalt layer and be monitored over the next two years and possibly thereafter. It would also create opportunities to showcase these to students and to have them interact with live data.