This project proposal is based on the project course entitled ‘living and working tomorrow’ and concerns itself with the development of concepts and ideas focused on the future. It is part of the Creative Technology programme.

The idea is to realize a playground for students that makes it possible to literally look at living and working on campus – a Temporary Residential Area on Campus (TRAC) where it is possible to build, work and experiment with, for example, an open source personal housing design: or

The ‘human touch’ aspect is significant in such a project, especially if students truly go for it and are prepared to really live and work in a place they designed themselves for a number of weeks. The techniques used will be a mixture of high-tech and low-tech. It will range from generating power through solar panels and CNC + 3D print-fabricated houses to the ultimate low end (toilet and shower, kitchen)

The project’s temporary nature has many benefits. It was inspired by the report on ‘de Tostifabriek’, a temporary installation/manifestation in Amsterdam where a grain field, cows, pigs, cheese factory, et cetera were (temporarily) placed on a quay to make croque-monsieurs (only to subsequently disassemble and clean everything nine months later because they had made their point and gained and shared knowledge, experience and science).