Serious gaming and gamification is a subject that gains attention in education, health and business context. It is integrated within HTHT module and minor of the Bachelor and a research issue within Business Management Studies and Computer Science. The campus of the University of Twente is an ideal “playing ground” for both education and research in serious gaming. In the educational module specific serious games can be developed, e.g. the start-up game that was created in 2015. Within research this proposal aims at creating a meta game that can teach serious game designers while playing a game. The meta game also explores examination in game format both applicable to research and education. The game of games can be a validation source gathering data to make serious gaming more evidence based and give it the boost to change education, health and business dramatically in the coming two years. The game of games is also a very good way to show the University of Twente to the world, proven by CuriousU and Universitent @ Zwarte Cross.


The lecture room of the future and the T-Xchange room on the campus will be used together with testing labs from the IJsfontein organization to create a living environment with serious game elements and gamification to validate both the metagame “the game of games” and the games that will be made in the next two years.


Serious Gaming is intuitively an effective way to educate people and change the behavior of people. There is little scientific proof however confirming the effectivity. The scientific objective of this project is to create a test lab to validate serious games. The practical objective is to use fun, flow and feedback to improve the campus community.


We form a multidisciplinary team from psychology, design, computer science and business administration to create serious games and gamification elements on the campus. We make use of behavioral methods, design methods, business model canvas and information system design methods to validate the game of games and to create new serious games on the campus.