The press recently reported that spin-off company SCISports, located in the Gallery, designed a new and innovative analysis system, which is already in its testing phase at Heracles Almelo. Subsequently, SCISports was contacted and a meeting was organized with the Facility Services interim director, the interim head of the Campus and others.

All parties are looking forward to testing this new system, most likely on a new synthetic pitch at UT. SCISports is already collaborating with various UT faculties on the optimization of this system.

The system performs a kind of ‘MRI scan’ of a pitch. In addition, facial recognition is a key component of the system. In the future, the system can be used to perform sports analyses, but also to recognize individual faces in stadium crowds (violence in stadiums) and to identify match fixing. Moreover, in this system off-side detection and hawk-eye are already old news.

With the upcoming Women’s EC 2017 at the Arke Stadium and the use by various parties, such as the ‘ROC sport en bewegen’ (Regional Training Centre for sports and exercise), a Test Location at the Living Lab Smart Campus presents a unique opportunity for third parties to perform tests and measurements there. SCISports is eager to work with UT to test and develop this system at the University of Twente and would like to give a presentation on the wide range of technological possibilities.