UT presents itself as an enterprising university, but how does the rest of the world view UT? How would UT like to be viewed? If you present yourself as an entrepreneurial university, then it is important that employees and students know that they are the calling cards of this entrepreneurial university. A professional image is very important in this case. After all: how do your clothes affect the other person?

In this proposal, UT groups will set out to create some awareness in terms of choice of clothing (style and colour) together with posture and business etiquette and how this affect others. It is a unique combination of factors that has never been approached in this way before and is suitable for both students and employees. After taking part in this training, employees and students know how to be an example to their fellow colleagues/students and to new employees/students.

The way in which you present yourself (choice of wardrobe and posture) influences the things you say and the things you say something about. After all, only 7% of your entire presentation consists of the things you say. This makes it vitally important that anyone holding a presentation fits in with the things they are trying to say in how they present themselves and how they tell the story.

The help offered will initially consist of a little bit of theory, experiencing how colours affect people, and a bit of business etiquette. Eventually, the group will experience how their choice of wardrobe affects others. This is not only a fun experience, but also a very educational one.

This workshop will be offered by It’s Joyce 4 Business (training/clothes/accessories) www.its-joyce4business.nl.