The purpose of this project is to help students in their studies by using the right lighting in lecture halls. Many lecture halls are currently lighted by a yellow (atmospheric) light, which is not a natural light and, as such, far from ideal for studying purposes.

The use of a more natural (i.e. whiter) or blue light could help students concentrate better.

There are many lecture halls in Oosthorst, Noordhorst, Westhorst and Zuidhorst that have minimal natural light and the lights installed there provide ‘normal’, yellow-tinted light (ideal for a nap after a short night’s sleep). Students with a very active student life (myself included) could use some blue light to reduce the amount of melatonin in their bodies. It is not uncommon for people to take a nap during lectures. An increase in natural light or artificial blue light would be a welcome change to ensure that students on campus are active and smart.