Footgolf is a game suitable for many different types of groups – of all ages, both men and women, and people in good as well as poor physical shape. It is the perfect activity for a company outing, family outing, bachelor party or teambuilding exercise, in the course of which the participants also get introduced to the wonderful campus.

Whereas for the active members’ event of v.v. Drienerlo the holes were still indicated using cones, corner flags and bicycle tires, a real footgolf course at UT could consist of the following:

  • Sixteen holes spread out over the campus, with distances varying from 40 to 200 metres
  • Paving stone with numbers indicating the starting location
  • Paved, shallow (about 10 cm) indentation to be used as a hole
  • Score chart indicating number of pars, on paper or digital (Campus app)
  • Map/walking route, on paper or digital (Campus app)

Ideally, the option of playing footgolf is offered for free. This way, groups of children could also play on UT grounds. The materials required (footballs, score chart and map) can be picked up at the Sports Centre porter’s using a key ring as a deposit.

In a more commercial version of this, a group needs to pay for each participant to use the course. This could be coordinated by the Campus Company.