The Campus has many databases that can be interesting for both education and research purposes. The ‘UT i-strategy’ states that these sources must be made accessible. This project ensures that these data will be made completely available (‘open data’) or be made available in a controlled fashion through an interface (‘open API’). This could, for instance, entail data with respect to energy consumption, available parking spots (current, per minute, per hour, per day, etc.), timetable information, the UT telephone book, course information et cetera.


The goal of this project is to create an IT platform on which the UT community can view, link and/or copy data in a controlled/authorized fashion and which allows providers of data to make safe links to their database.

Project results

  • An IT platform that:
  1. is easily accessible to the UT community;
  2. provides access to various UT data sources;
  3. indicates for every data source what it is and how access can be gained;
  • Initially eight UT databases that will be made accessible through the IT platform;
  • Operational administration and maintenance team for the IT platform and databases;
  • A steering committee/focus group consisting of researchers, students and source providers to determine which data sources should be made available on the basis of an allocated annual budget.