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Proposed composition Platform Living Smart Campus

Members of the Platform Living Smart Campus will be invited to participate in the platform on behalf of the Executive Board. The members are appointed for three years, students for one year.

Maarten van Steen will serve the first year as an independent chairman and after this year he will hand over the presidency to one of the members of the Platform.

Scientists (appointment for 3 years):

  • Maarten van Steen (CTIT)
  • Karst Geurs (CTW)
  • Renske van Wijk (MIRA)
  • Irna van der Molen (BMS)
  • Raul Zurita Milla (ITC)
  • Aimee van Wynsberghe (BMS)

Staff (appointment for 3 years):

  • Henk Swaters (LISA)
  • Marc Hulshof (FB)
  • Roelyn van der Hoek (S&B)
  • Miriam Iliohan (Design Lab)

Students (appointment for 1 year):

  • Sarah Roediger
  • Emma van Geel

Coordinator communication:

Bertyl Lankhaar

Coordinator Platform:

Anja Strootman