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On 11 January 2016, the preliminary document entitled ‘The Living Smart Campus’ was approved by the Executive Board. The Living Smart Campus (LSC) programme is a collection of projects focusing on plans for campus development whereby the campus is used as a living lab. The programme includes research projects, education projects, support projects and student initiatives.

What is the Living Smart Campus?

In the Living Smart Campus programme scientists, students, and external parties work on solutions for complex societal matters that require a scientific approach. To explore solutions the campus is used as an experimental environment where students and scientist live and work, which makes conducting experiments easy and visible. Given its exceptional facilities the campus offers a unique place to prepare solutions before they are introduced into society. It is a true living lab.

Why contribute?

In principle, all projects involving the campus as a living lab should form part of the Living Smart Campus programme. The benefit of being in the programme is targeted attention from scientists and support staff to make your project a success. At the same time, we provide easy access for others to the project through a community Website, but also pay specific attention through M&C actions. In other words, making a contribution to the programme puts you in the spotlights.

Which criteria should every LSC-project of the future meet?

Every LSC project should ideally meet all of the requirements outlined below.

  • scientifically challenging or something that is typical of the academic community
  • focused on society
  • could spark debate
  • external involvement (of non-UT parties) is strongly preferred
  • interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary
  • should involve scientific as well support staff (this may be different for student initiatives)
  • short-term (total duration max. 2 years)
  • already funded or likely to obtain own funding

What is the goal of the LSC programme?

The goal for the LSC is to use the Campus to achieve University of Twente objectives. LSC projects are perfect examples of University of Twente’s goals:

  • innovate
  • experiment
  • pioneer

The Campus embodies and combines University of Twente’s core values ‘focused on society’, ‘driven by synergy’, ‘entrepreneurial and international’ in such a way that it is reflective of the ‘community & experience’ at UT.

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