See week of inspiration 2020

The internet is broken, but we can fix it

According to Marleen Stikker we are continuously being ‘nudged, trolled and gamified’ when we browse the internet. Stikker is one of the founders of De Digitale Stad, a virtual public space based on democratic principles. Nowadays tech giants dominate the web and earn a lot of money with our metadata. How can the internet be fixed again and become a truly democratic, public infrastructure? Are the tech giants the main culprits or should we also take a critical look at our own lazy and careless surfing behavior? 

Marleen Stikker is director of Waag Technology & Society in Amsterdam and published the book Het internet is stukMaar we kunnen het repareren (2019).

Moderator: prof. dr. ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek (Philosophy of Technology, UT).

Monday 23 November, 12.30-13.30 hours, Vrijhof


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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