A brilliant night!

Let's get together at UnBEATable!

If there’s one thing that working and studying at the UT highlights, it is that we shine brighter when we are together. We’re strong individuals but together we are UnBEATable. 

Let’s meet up at festival UnBEATable for UT students and staff and make the campus shimmer and sparkle during a brilliant night with drinks, food, music and all of us together again! 

Date: Friday 12 November
Time: Around 17h until 23h
Place: Ganzenveld

Tickets will cost €7.50 and this will not only give you access to the festival site, but also include five tokens that you can spend on drinks and/or food.

This event is going to be organised in collaboration with well-known festival organiser Absolutely Fresh. The area has been prepped for other festivals of Absolutely Fresh and we use this fully equipped area, including heated tents

UnBEATable will be the place to reconnect, chill, dance, and hopefully toast to the new normal while enjoying good food, drinks and music. It’s going to be brilliant!


  • Is everyone welcome to join the event?

    This event is exclusively for current students or employees of the University of Twente. This will also be checked when entering the festival site. 

  • Is the event safe to visit given the current situation and the coronavirus?

    Good question and luckily we can answer this with a resounding YES! 

    The maximum number of visitors allowed will not exceed the prescribed guidelines. In addition, visitors will have to be in possession of a COVID certificate or 'coronatoegangsbewijs'. 

    For the specific guidelines regarding visiting the campus and events in particular, please refer to the following webpage.

  • Something seems to be going wrong. How can I contact the organisation?

    If something goes wrong while buying a ticket, something is unclear or if you need help with something completely different, you can contact us by emailing to: unbeatable-mc@utwente.nl

  • Can I buy tickets for a group?

    Yes, you can buy 10 tickets max at the same time. Please note you need to personalise each ticket with individual contact information after you paid.

  • Why do I need to personalise tickets?

    We need to contact every person individually if something changes in relation to the event. That's why we ask all tickets to be personalised after you paid. We won't use your data for anything else.

  • Is UnBEATable indoors?

    UnBEATable is a festival on campus at the Ganzenveld. This area has been prepped for other festivals from Absolutely Fresh and we make usage of this fully equipped area with heated tents for entertainment and everything you need for a festival.