Programme 2018

Read your own brainwaves

Marketing experts face an intriguing question: what do people think when they see an object, a film, a person or a product? Using the wearable EEG device EMOTIV EPOC+, we can determine human emotions by measuring brain activity. These devices can also recognize facial expressions and even, with training, carry out mental tasks.

Wavefront Shaping

Why can’t we see through a sheet of paper? The paper lets light through, but we see little more than a vague spot or shadow of the object behind the paper. A technique has been developed at the University of Twente for transmitting light as a targeted laser beam through a piece of paper or other materials. In this demo, you can see the technique, known as wavefront shaping, in action.

Take a step back into the history of electronics – can you still use it?

Where are the pocket calculators and computers of the past – the Atari and the Commodore, for example? How do the old measuring devices, test equipment and oscilloscopes work and how fast has the electronics market developed in recent years? Lovers of old electronics and computers can explore the historic study collection to their hearts’ delight. There’s so much to learn for young and old, and you can even experiment with the equipment.

Virtual Reality & Smart Industry

Design the future and experience what it will look like! In the Virtual Reality & Smart Industry Lab, you can test all kinds of techniques in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality, interaction and smart industry. Whether it involves designing a new product or testing a factory: everything is possible in this combination of the real and virtual worlds.

Clean water using membranes

Create your own membrane to purify water! Many of us take clean drinking water for granted. Water treatment is becoming increasingly complicated. These membranes have an important role to play in this. Create and test your own membrane.

Solar Boat Twente

Solar Boat Twente combines sustainable technology with high-tech advances to make the most efficient solar-powered boat! For a whole year, 15 students have invested heart and soul into designing and building a racing boat on hydrofoils. They’re using it to race in various international competitions.

Discover what fun chemistry can be

If you want to find out more about chemistry and do some fun experiments yourself, come along to the Carré building, the diagonal.

Visit the Wearable Robotics Lab

In this lab, researchers are developing wearable robotics: robots that can support, train or assist your body, for example while walking or engaging in strenuous activity. See how an exoskeleton can help paraplegic patients to walk again, the Zero-G safety system and a bionic hand prosthesis.

LEGO Serious Play: building your dream job

What do your favourite animal and your dream job have in common? And how can you use LEGO to take steps towards achieving your goal? The future is in your hands! Experience it in this LEGO Serious Play mini-workshop. For children of all ages.

ENSCHEDE LAB: The initial results

In the ENSCHEDE LAB, students from different kinds of schools and universities are collaborating on innovative and sustainable solutions for the city of tomorrow. The students reveal their initial results to Open House visitors.

Super-silent wind tunnel

Silent wind can be used to make silent aircraft and wind turbines!Come and experience it for yourself!

Mapping Party: A journey around the world

Google Maps reveals the world down to the smallest detail. But there’s still a lot of information missing! We take you on a journey and show you how you can add houses and roads in Africa, as well as in your local area. Learn about geographic information and how we use it, about eye-tracking, geo-virtual reality, the use of satellite images and more.

Tour of surgical robots lab

Surgeons are increasingly collaborating with robots in the operating theatre. This enables them to work with even greater precision. In the Surgical Robotics Lab, we’re researching how robots can be deployed even more effectively in surgery. Come along and see what’s possible, including the live demonstrations of steerable catheters and micro-robotic instruments.

Mathematical puzzles and enigmas

Do you enjoy solving mysteries? If so, these mathematical puzzles and enigmas are the perfect challenge for you. Come along and see what you can achieve. Can’t work it out? No problem – there are students on hand to help you on your way.

Can your secret code be cracked?

Have you always wanted to write your letters in secret code? But how do you do that? Of course, decoding secret writing is also exciting. At the Open House, you can encode your own writing. The Maths student on duty will then attempt to decipher your writing, just like Alan Turing. Seize the opportunity and challenge the Maths student with your excellent coding skills!

Take a drive in the driving simulator!

Experience driving for yourself in a driving simulator. You’ll take the driving wheel, travelling through the virtual world. Come along and learn more about the various research projects that use the driving simulator.

Toastie Talk

What started life as a student event to promote collaboration has now developed into an inspirational interaction platform. Served with a very familiar ingredient: a delicious toastie. Get a taster of today’s research themes and student initiatives in DesignLab!

Teleportation with augmented and virtual reality

Ready for teleportation? With augmented and virtual reality systems, openIMPRESS is bringing teleportation a step closer. Just imagine: two people in different locations who can work together, admire each other’s surroundings and give each other virtual high-fives. Try it out for yourself in DesignLab! 

R3D3: your friendly robot receptionist

R3D3 is a friendly robot. He can speak Dutch, respond to visitors and display emotions. R3D3 is designed to welcome visitors and give them information. R3D3 was developed by the University of Twente (HMI and RAM research groups) in partnership with several businesses and organizations within the Dutch research programme COMMIT.

Solar Team Twente

Working with our large network, former team members and students from all parts of education, our team of 19 RED Engineers is challenging the future of urban mobility. By building the world’s best solar car, we’re developing technologies and innovations for the efficient use of solar energy as a power source for vehicles. Come and see our car and meet the team!

Learn to walk again with a robot

Interested in finding out how robot can teach people to walk again? In this demonstration, you can see rehabilitation robot LOPES: a robot that helps people with walking problems caused by a stroke or paraplegia to train. You can also take part in an experiment that allows you to experience what it’s like when your movement is disrupted and what adaptations you need to make.

BMS PopUp Lab

Experience technology’s influence on humans in the BMS LAB, the UT lab where technology and behaviour come together. Discover virtual reality, physiological scans, interactive visualizations and use imaging equipment on yourself!

Creativity with InspireU

Unleash your creativity on our InspireU inspiration board! From 12 until 17 August, the University of Twente campus is hosting a festival-style summer camp for secondary school students: InspireU. Would you like to help us to decorate our festival site? Demonstrate your creativity and add to the colour!

Find out all about the smallest technology in the NanoLab

Join us on our journey and see things you’ve never seen before. During the tour of our laboratories and the cleanroom, you can take a look through the electron microscope and find out what it’s like to be a real researcher: the cleanroom suit is ready and waiting! Set to work yourself, apply a thin layer and see what happens! This activity is offered by MESA+ research institute.

Segway riding

Always wanted to ride a Segway? Today’s your chance! Experienced drivers will guide you for the first few metres on this self-balancing mode of transport. After that, you can ride the Segway yourself.

Printing in three dimensions

3D printers make it possible for researchers and students to create their own high-quality prototypes. They don’t even need to buy their own printers, but can use our Rapid Prototyping Lab. Interested in finding out about our 3D printers and everything they can do? Here, you can see them close up and learn all about them.

Robotics & Mechatronics (RaM) Lab

In the Robotics & Mechatronics (RaM) Lab, researchers and students are working on the latest developments in robotics. In the future, robots will assist us in operations, inspections and rescues. Here, you can see robots like that in action and we’ll try to answer all your questions. There’s even a real robot playground for children, so come and join the fun!

Plants under stress

The Natural Resources department aims to manage and solve society’s challenges, for example by developing sustainable agriculture. Here, we’ll show you how we use a range of sensors to measure the stress level of plants.

Create your own computer program

Software is everywhere: phones, cars, aircraft, shops, everything uses software. In this workshop, you create your own computer program using the programming language Scratch. We’ll also tell you all about the research that the University of Twente is doing, exploring such questions as: how can you make software reliable and fast and how do you develop large and complex systems?

Prototyping: how, why and what

In the Westhorst workshop, you can see how components and tools are made. They’re used to build prototypes for Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering projects and in research.

Piñata and Mexican bingo

Play along with the Piñata: a Mexican tradition in which children and adults try to break up a papier-mâché figure filled with sweets. You can also take part in real Mexican bingo.

Augmented reality and Parkinson’s disease

Augmented reality can help people with Parkinson’s disease to improve their ability. Revealing holographic cues to patients enables them to gauge the size of their step and their direction more effectively, making walking easier. Here, you can see how it works in practice.

Electric Superbike Twente

Electric Superbike Twente is working with 15 students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences on the construction of an electric racing engine that can travel at 250 km/h and go from 0-100 in less than three seconds. Come and see the engine and meet the team!

Obtain your junior certificate during the Open House!

Would you like to leave the UT Open House on 23 June armed with a certificate? Collect all of the stamps on the route, pick up your junior certificate from the Alumni Office and have yourself captured forever on photo as a junior alumnus!


Competition: Communication is everywhere

We communicate with each other everywhere and at all times, for example by telling each other things or posting something on Facebook. At the Open House, we challenge you to take a photo of the best, most remarkable, strangest or worst form of communication you see at the University of Twente today. Post it on our Facebook page and you could win a great prize.

Experience technology in healthcare!

Our healthcare is improving all the time thanks to the use of technology. But how do medical staff deal with all these new techniques? How do you ensure that very rare treatments can also be properly practised? In the TechMed Centre simulation suite, you can experience for yourself what it’s like to learn to make incisions, do stitches, perform keyhole surgery or even resuscitate someone.

Science on Tour!

In the Pre-University Schools Lab, there’ll be a collection of interactive experiments based on surprising or intriguing phenomena in physics and chemistry. Suitable for all ages!

Twente Students’ Laboratories

Experience the true diversity of physics by exploring some interesting examples, such as ultrasonography, electromyograms and the theremin. How can we ‘see’ things using soundwaves?

How strong are your muscles? We demonstrate how electricity is used to measure this. And take advantage of this visit to our laboratory to play Sheldon’s favourite instrument from The Big Bang Theory.


Always been curious about robot language, how astronaut André Kuipers was launched into space and how a parachute can slow your descent? Perhaps you have always wanted to present the news? Xperimenta gives you these opportunities! Discover it for yourself!

Sports experience – something for everyone!

The University of Twente is about more than just studying! Student life comes to life in the evenings during and after sport. At the air tumbling track, you’ll find our enthusiastic students from the gymnastics association Linea Recta. Children can have the experience of their lives here! At the University of Twente, everyone can engage in sport. There’s even a UT swimming school for young children. Five fun and friendly swimming teachers make learning to swim a pleasure. We look forward to seeing you in the sports centre!  

Thinking like a computer with CoDuo

CoDuo is played in pairs, hence the name. One player represents the programmer, the other plays the computer. In the game, the programmer takes a card on which a figure is depicted. He or she then explains to the other player how to create the figure by placing blocks on the playing field. CoDuo teaches children how small and precise the steps in a program need to be in order to achieve the desired result. 

The best way to check in at Schiphol

Planning a holiday in the near future? Let’s hope that the queues at Schiphol airport aren’t too long. How do you actually determine that? How do you decide which desks should be open when? Start by simulating your waiting time or rather the number of check-in desks needed to keep that time to an acceptable maximum. Then you need to allocate the check-in desks. Is it really as simple as it seems? Find out for yourself with a small example.  

Novel-T start-up square

Discover what’s happening in Twente in the world of start-ups and other innovative business. Novel-T helps students and entrepreneurs with their innovative business plans, from prototype through to market launch. With the researchers at the University of Twente, we ensure the commercial knowledge transfer of research results that lead to spin-offs. The fact that the university has again earned the title most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands shows what great results we’re achieving together. 

Interactive playground passers-by interaction

One aspect we look at in the Human Media Interaction research group is "playful embodied interaction with motivational aspects". For example, how can we steer people to show certain behaviour playing on a responsive floor projection? Creative Technology student Enyo Ahovi shows her work investigating aspects of how to get the passer-by to interact. So please pass-by, feel free to stay and play!