The OAY will start at 15.00h. To give you the most diverse, optimal and safe experience we created five stages at the O&O square near Waaier building. After the opening of the event, you can switch between all stages so you can get to know more students, scientists, innovators in education and get acquainted with other members of the UT community.

Stage overview

Students on stage  

Do you like drones? Want to see the superbike of the future? Come talk to the student teams who design, built and compete all over the world with their amazing machines. Want to know more? Enjoy inspirational talks by the E-sports team, Green Team Twente and the Electric Superbike Team. Hosted by Marlen Braun (UT student).

Science on stage  

We put the spotlight on our talents in science and education. What can we learn from them? What challenges did they overcome? What keeps them focused and where did they get support to achieve their goals?  Get inspired in talks of Sterre Coenen, Bram Nauta and Bas Borsje. Hosted by Renske van Wijk (TechMed Centre).

Shaping Dates on stage: meet colleagues professionally  

Do you want to get inspired outside your own work bubble and connect professionally on a blind shaping date? You can on this stage! It’s been a long time since we’ve worked together and that’s been hard for a lot of people. There’s a special group of colleagues who have had a more unusual experience than most. Our new colleagues who started during the crisis and have never experienced a normal year. Hosted by Christoff Heunis (Faculty ET) and Miriam Iliohan (DesignLab).

Innovation in education on stage

Tough times make innovation thrive. Come and listen to our own experts from the Video Team and TELT explain what we've learned in the past year about future-proving the way we teach. Learn about new methods, facilities and educational products you can integrate in your teaching right now. Hosted by Hidde Zijlstra (UT student).


All the stages above will blend at the central stage where host Eddy Zoey will interview our, almost new, Executive Board. We’re getting to know them a bit better, personally and how they look to the future of UT, education wise and science wise. But also their vision on reconnecting and reinventing.  

The entire programme will be in English.