Guido Berben
Partner Manager Tikkie

Guido Berben, responsible for Tikkie voor Bedrijven at the startup of ABN AMRO, is collaborating with business partners on how Tikkie can be used for business purposes. Guido's work has already led to great collaborations with KLM, insurance company Achmea, SPAR, universities and charities. Guido Berben is Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Tikkie and has been involved in the development of Tikkie companies from the start. He was allowed to set up the sales and business development team at Tikkie .

About Tikkie

Tikkie already has more than four million users after two years. Tikkie is a payment app from ABN AMRO. To use Tikkie, create a payment request in the Tikkie app. In this request, you indicate what you are requesting money back to and to whom the request should be sent. You can send the payment request by means of an app or a QR code. More information about Tikkie can be found on their website (in Dutch).