Emerging technologies are driving the evolution of our society. Think of the encouraging prospect of the numerous possibilities that may contribute to the well-being of all of us, but at the same time, the challenge to ensure it will truly benefit everyone. We believe that putting people and their demands first, is key in our pursuit to change the world for the better.


We see exciting opportunities in the digitalization of society and building sustainable communities. Health care is arguably the best example where uniting the social and technological perspective really makes the difference. We do not solely focus on technologies for cure, but center our approach around its contribution to human well-being. We work on treatments that are more personalized, less invasive and make use of the recovery mechanisms of the human body. We develop novel e-health applications that contribute to prevention, and empower patients in coping with medical discomfort in everyday life.


Ever since its pioneering years, the University of Twente has offered teaching and research in the medical technology field. In recent years, this has even led to the introduction of a completely new type of health care professional. All this now culminates in the brand new Technical Medical Centre (TechMed Centre). A place for education and research, and a place to meet up with our partners in health care.

During the day there were also events and activities, related to the 58th Dies Natalis. 

Technical Medical Centre

The Technical Medical Centre symposium 'The opening of the first Technical Medical Centre in Europe' starts at 10.00 in the Technohal. This private event is only on invitation.

Find out more about this morning event on the website.

Senate Dinner

The Senate Dinner starts at 18.30 at the U Parkhotel. Dresscode: smart casual.

Dies Lunch

The UFonds Dies Lunch starts at 11.30 at the U Parkhotel.

THT Reunion

The THT Reunion takes place in the Gallery building and starts at 10:30. More information about the programme can be found on this website (Dutch).

Contact person: Arianne Colenbrander
E-mail: alumni@utwente.nl