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University of Twente is looking for Young professionals


Would you like to use your energy, innovative insights and approach to help further develop the most enterprising university in the Netherlands? Would you like to contribute to and participate in innovation and culture change within this organisation? Then we are looking for you! As a trainee with the faculties and policy service departments of the University of Twente (UT) you will help devise and develop projects in the services we provide for our students, and the university's researchers and lecturers and at the same time be prepared for a top position, possibly at the university.


During this two-year traineeship, you will twice switch between different business units (e.g. HR, Campus & Facility Management, Strategy & Policy business units) and/or faculties (e.g. Engineering Technology or Behavioural, Management & Social Science) within the UT. The projects during your traineeship will also vary from devising, developing and implementing new initiatives and contributing to policy planning to improving existing processes. Your keen eye and fresh approach will enable the UT to apply innovative insights and ideas throughout its operations.

To give you a better idea of what assignments could entail, two examples of such assignments are described below:

  • Product & Service Development Support for Public Private Partnerships

    Within SBD Impact Development, you will support us in developing our products and services for internal and external stakeholders. SBD Impact offers support to external partners as well as faculty and support staff within the university in developing sustainable impact-driven public-private partnerships (PPP). You will support to further develop, standardize and implement our products and services for our internal and external stakeholders in collaboration with other UT service departments and faculty. Fore example, tools and templates for PPP business cases, account and portfolio management, trainings and roundtable sessions in public-private collaboration (Impact Academy), CRM, contract management, and collecting Business Intelligence on PPP. The development of these products and services are connecting and bonding different UT units in realizing the UT Shaping 2030 strategy.

  • International Affairs and Mobility, faculty BMS

    Internationalization is an important topic at the UT. At BMS we are growing in international students and also in in-and outcoming exchange students. Next to that the faculty is strongly involved in some of the UT International Strategic Partnerships. For BMS you will translate the new UT-internationalization vision into a policy and an action plan for the faculty. Orientation on the faculty, make connections, gather information, prepare a plan for the way of working, set up the project and create support.

Besides your own assignment with a particular service department or faculty, you and your fellow Young Professionals will work on a joint assignment for the UT as part of Shaping 2030, the new strategy.


It will obviously involve more than completing the assignments for your employer. You will also follow a development programme provided by the UT. This is an intensive programme that you follow together with the other trainees. It will enable you to benefit most from both your professional and your personal development.

Throughout the two years of your traineeship you will spend four hours a week on your professional and personal development. You will take courses aimed at acquiring skills that you will need for your work at the UT and in your further career, but there will also be plenty of focus on your personal development. You will have regular meetings with a mentor and a coach, for example. In addition, you will participate in peer review meetings with your fellow Young Professionals, during which you will reflect on your assignment and any problems you encounter.

Sergej van Holland, Finance Trainee
“I wanted to develop myself further”
Sergej van Holland, Finance Trainee

After completion, you may be able to stay at the UT as a young professional if a suitable opportunity is available at the time. This is not the primary intention however. Usually, after completing the Young Professional programme, you would go to work for another organisation to gain broader experience. To ensure as smooth a transition a new position as possible, the last part of the development programme includes career orientation.

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