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Electrical Engineering

There is an increasingly heavy reliance on electrical engineering for many important innovations with high societal impact. Chips for mobile devices, 5G internet capability, advanced battery power and surgery robots are transforming societies globally. Applications of electrical engineering as envisioned by the themes of the UT are in healthcare and medical technologies, intelligent manufacturing systems, communication and Internet of Things technology, robotics and thus enabling our digital society. The ambition of the discipline Electrical Engineering is to innovate in devices, circuits and systems, as well as the applications of these systems in biomedical, robotics and wireless communication technologies. We are world leading in Core Electronic Systems. We are pioneers in Lab-on-Chip and Biomedical Sensors and Systems, we are very strong in (tele)robotics and have a strong track record on analog circuit design and electromagnetic compatibility. The UT has a very strong electrical engineering profile, where top class researchers work on the fundaments of the discipline as well as the aforementioned application areas. In this profileringsplan we decided to focus on the zwaartepunten where we want to strengthen ourselves and for which funding is requested. These zwaartepunten strengthen the fundaments of the discipline. Our goal is to reinforce these strengths in core electronic systems and communication technology that are the basis of our research. 
To strengthen our fundaments for wireless communication we will invest in Phased Array Antenna Systems research. These systems allow wireless capacity increase of several orders of magnitude. Since phased array systems may contain up to thousands of antennas, transmitters and receivers, fundamentally new technical solutions are required to make them cost-effective and energy efficient. We have a significant number of personal grants and prizes in this zwaartepunt, and building on our strengths in radio frequency electronic circuit design we want to invest in a position about Phased array technology with focus on massive computing in digital hardware.