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Computer Science

“The quality of University of Twente’s Computer Science research is excellent and the societal impact is impressive” says the international review committee that reviewed nine Dutch universities.

The discipline Computer Science is especially strong in crossover research where people are at the centre of developing Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology. Physical systems are an integral part of the overall systems solution such as sensor systems, robotics, Internet of Things and embedded systems. Computer Science at the UT is built on strong pillars: Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber-Social Systems, Security, Software and Data. Within these pillars scientific challenges concerning reliable software, security and complex systems are addressed, and human-technology interaction is studied.
To keep our excellent standing in research, to stay on the forefront to define the future of computer science and to cope with the increasing number of students it is essential to strengthen the fundamental core of software- and data engineering and security and focus on the integration of systems with the physical world and the responsible interaction of systems with people.
Our choice to focus on and invest in these five clusters CSS, CPS, Data, Software and Security allows connections that combine relevant scientific expertise. This enables us to come to new, essential and fundamental insights in computer science. By strengthening fundamental research and the cross roads between them we are best equipped to engineer our digital society and improve health care.
We are looking for new colleagues to help us to strengthening fundamental research and the cross roads between them.