Makes a difference! How about you?

Alumni from the University of Twente settle down all over the world. 

UT graduates are important UT ambassadors both at home and abroad. Furthermore good contact with alumni contributes to our understanding of developments in society which is essential for ensuring the continued relevance of our teaching and research. We encourage the exchange of knowledge and actively inform alumni regarding the latest developments in their fields.

Alumni Worldwide

On this world map you can see the geographic distribution of over 49,000 UT alumni (click the picture to zoom in).

Events & Stories

For information on past events and stories from our alumni please check our latest magazine or pinterest page.

Digitized Photos

One of the projects highlighted during the Twente University Fund annual campaign 2016 was digitizing old pictures from the university library. You can find a selection of the now digitally available pictures here.


The UT ambassadors network consists of alumni and relations who fill leading positions in the corporate world, at UT-spinoffs (in particular) and in government. These ambassadors are role models for our students and alumni.

The Executive Board of the UT utilizes the ambassadors network to maintain and improve the reputation of the university. By utilizing the ambassadors network the university manages to stay in touch with the social developments and the university can draw from a very broad pool of expertise. 

The ambassadors network meets several times a year to discus strategy and to ensure the ambassadors can keep in touch with developments at the university.

For the list of all the ambassadors click here.