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Apply for the Scientific Integrity Programme on 8 June or 23 September

Scientific integrity has become a major topic of concern amongst funding agencies, governments and even the public, in response to major misconduct scandals and public scientific failures. Within our University we have an overarching approach towards integrity – the House of Integrity – which focusses on multiple aspects of integrity including business, social, teaching and scientific integrity. We have also developed several tools and programmes to further increase awareness of integrity topics in our community. Therefore we would like to bring the Scientific Integrity Programme to your attention again.

In this Reflective Practice workshop our goal is to provide researchers with: Skills, reasoning abilities and strategies for applying scientific integrity principles (honesty and scrupulousness, reliability, verifiability, impartiality, independence and responsibility) and standards in our own contexts to variety of situations.

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The next workshops will be held on 8 June and 23 September 2021 at the U Parkhotel. Visit the CTD-webpage to sign up

Quotes participants

“I really enjoyed the content. I have 15 years industry experience and have come back into academia therefore the application of this knowledge is, and will be much more profound in my future endeavours and my desire to change policy and culture in my field. I also have some great resources now.”
“The knowledge on the rules towards scientific integrity since many of my current decision-making and actions on this were more based on instinct and implicit community values. I think the structure of the course was nice and interesting and allowed to open interesting dialogues among the participants.”

More information

If you want to know more about the programmatic approach of building a House of Integrity you can find all available information, a toolbox, course calendar and more on the integrity platform of the UT.