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Building a House of Integrity: Apply for the Scientific Integrity Programme

Up to now, we have sent several news items about how the UT is building a House of Integrity. We have also developed several tools and programmes to further increase awareness of integrity topics in our community. Therefore we would like to bring the Scientific Integrity Programme to your attention again.

Would you like to stay up to date with the current legal frameworks now governing integrity or are you curious what specific common types of integrity failures or practices put integrity at risk? Then the Scientific Integrity Programme might be useful to you. 

This programme is now available online and you can attend the subsequent workshop. The next workshops will start on 8 March 2021, 8 June 2021 or 23 September 2021.

General information on how we all can contribute to building a House of Integrity  
If you want to know more about the programmatic approach of building a House of Integrity you can find all available information, a toolbox and more on the integrity platform of the UT.

We are developing videos of colleagues interviewing each other about how they deal with difficult dilemmas. The first published video is a dialogue between Thom Palstra and Ellen Giebels. Find a playlist here with all available House of Integrity videos.    

You can find more information at For questions or comments, send an email to