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Building a House of Integrity: follow-up information

In the beginning of this year we published a message about the House of Integrity programme. In addition to scientific integrity, House of Integrity also covers social and business integrity. This follow-up message provides you an overview of current and future activities initiated by House of Integrity or elsewhere within the university that all contribute to a UT community that is safe and aware of ethical standards.  

Personal experience of UT’s Rector Magnificus

In this video Rector Magnificus Thom Palstra elaborates why Integrity is important to him and how the integral programme House of Integrity contributes to this. He shares a personal experience with a sensitive integrity issue and he appeals to everyone to foster an open dialogue between colleagues about integrity issues and to participate in relevant courses and activities. You find an overview on the website:   

Encountering ethical dilemmas or integrity issues? A visual guide to find your way

To guide you towards the right contact points which can provide information, support and help, we designed a visual guide. It displays the various routes you can take depending on the issues you are struggling with. Dutch versionwegwijzer.  

Initiatives within the university and the House of integrity

Available courses in the domain of integrity

  • A bootcamp on RDM is now also available for UT staff via Canvas! The course can be used as guidance in writing a data management plan. 
  • A TGS Scientific Integrity online course as part of the PhD Introductory Course
  • The Active Bystander Training focusses on empowering staff and students to challenge poor behaviours, and bring about cultural change through the reinforcement of messages defining the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour. 

Coming soon

  • Superb supervision, a training focussed on PhD supervision with a main focus on scientific integrity themes like ethical dilemmas and open science which can be found in the course finder.  
  • A blended course on scientific integrity, consisting of two parts, which can be found in the course finder. The first part is an online course on the basics of scientific integrity standards, types of norms, ethical values, legal frameworks, and common types of integrity issues. The second part is an interactive workshop focussed on reflecting on supervision practices, responsible research culture, and discussing dilemmas of scientific integrity in a safe environment.  

The House of Integrity programme is focusing in its first phase on scientific integrity. In the areas of social and business integrity several initiatives, of which the current registration of ancillary activities is an example, will be rolled out in a next phase starting in 2021.

More information 

You can find more information at: For questions or comments, send an email to