Diversity Week 2022 - The programme

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During the first week of October we have been putting diversity, equity and inclusion in the spotlight. A variety of events took place, all focusing on showcasing and experiencing the strength of diversity, the need for equity and the importance of being inclusive. What are our success stories? What are the issues we are often struggling with? Zooming in on our research, our educational pratices and on our social and professional interactions. How can we all help one another? How do we jointly make sure we all experience a strong sense of belonging and we all feel safe enough to speak up if needed?

Take a look at this year's programme and get inspired by all our community has to offer

Monday 3 October

  • 11.30 -14.00 A lively conversation about inclusive education, internships and employment hosted by Saxion, UT and ROC van Twente | ROC van Twente Hengelo

    Saxion University of Applied Sciences, University of Twente and ROC van Twente are committed to ensuring an inclusive, accessible and engaging educational environment for all. 

    Thìs event is being held in the Storkzaal, situated on the first floor of Gieterij 200, 7550 AP in Hengelo
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    This event is around equal opportunities, prevention of all forms of discrimination, and equity in education and on the Dutch labour market is being organised. As educational institutions, what can be done to ensure equitable and fair opportunities for all? And how can we, working together with businesses, lecturers and career counsellors ensure matching, safe and inspiring internships and a smooth transition into the labour market?

    Are you joining us? Please share your experiences, best practices and views during this inspiring discussion and interactive session (including lunch).

Tuesday 4 October (Diversity Day in the netherlands)

  • 12.00 - 13.30 Inspirational interactive keynote speech by Karim Amghar | Amphitheater Vrijhof and online

    Television and radio presenter, programme maker and lecturer Karim Amghar will join us - as a community - for an interactive discussion about the importance of education in creating equal opportunities.

    Lunch is included!
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    What are the effects of biases, radicalisation, polarisation, and wokeness at our university and in our society? And how can we better understand these effects and work together to continue cultivating an inclusive and safe community. Do you want to be there and participate in this inspiring conversation in person or online? Please sign up

  • 15.00 - 17.00: Tangible Social Justice: Tools and Techniques to promote reflexivity in AI and beyond | An interactive workshop led by Cristina Zaga | DesignLab (Inform)

    Tackling diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic teams and technological development is not a matter of easy fixes. But, most of us feel there are no tangible actions to take beyond discussion. Are there ways to turn the tide and put technology at the service of social justice? Yes!  

    This workshop features tools developed during the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Embodied AI initiative (DEI4EAI) initiated and executed by a group of professors and students of the four technical universities in the Netherlands. During this workshop, you get hands-on experience with tools and techniques that you can use in your daily academic work, in your project, and in tackling societal challenges. The tools inspired by the Responsible Futuring approach of the DesignLab and speculative design are meant to make reflections and awareness tangible, a material for design decisions. Plus, you will receive a free digital "Social Justice 4 Embodied AI" syllabus that you can use in you education or just to learn more about the topic and methods. 

    Excited and really keen to participate? Please take a look at the programme below and don't forget to register!

    The programme
    • 15:00 - 15:05: Walk-in - coffee and tea
    • 15:05 - 15:20: Introduction to the workshop 
    • 15:20 - 15:30 Division in teams and explanation of the activities 
    • 15:30 - 16:00 Mapping privileges (a tool by dr. Maria Luce Lupetti, assistant professor, TU Delft). This tool is designed to let people reflect on their position of privilege, or lack of The tool is purposefully forcing people into binary categories that hardly represent the complexity of reality. Doing so aims to provoke discussions and reflections on how we experience privilege and attribute it to others.
    • 16:00 - 16:10 Break - Coffee and Tea
    • 16:10 - 16:45 Punkbots against the status bots: turning human-robot interaction scenarios against the status quo. The tool is meant to support the overturn of the status quo of robot design using déornament activities inspired by punk techniques by the Letterist International. These activities help us to grow awareness and implement critical reflection in the design process.
    • 16:45 Final remarks and wrap-up
Tell me more about Diversity Day in the Netherlands!

Curious to know more about Diversity Day? Visit https://diversityday.nl/ and get inspired!

Wednesday 5 October

  • 9.30 - 16.30 Let's talk about DE&I with UT's DE&I Team | Ground floor Carré/Waaier | Free coffee and tea

    Just walk by and talk to us about whatever thoughts you might have on diversity, equity and inclusion at UT. Where do you think we are doing well and where do you think we could do better? Grab a free cup of coffee or tea. And you can also learn more about the free period products we now offer - as a pilot - in various bathrooms on campus. We are curious to hear what you think about that!

  • 12.00 - 14.00 Interactive session on data justice and representative data gathering given by Fenna Hoefsloot | T1300 (Horst building) | Possible to attend online

    An honest discussion around challenges faced during data gathering activities and getting all the right voices heard in a community. Once realised, how do we deal with that, and how can we work on cultivating and collecting just data from a community? 

    Fenna will present her experiences in the creation of a participatory urban dashboard in Lima, Peru, based on the principles of data justice. Afterwards, we will turn our gaze a bit closer to the current UT dashboard(s) and collectively think about representation, visibility and anonymity in our data practices.  

  • 16.30 - 18.30 Get together to share stories around (dis)abilities | Changed location: Amphitheater in Vrijhof or online via Teams

    Vation on studying with a disability? You may wonder what has happened since then and how this combines with discussions around accessibility (phical/digital) for all students and staff at UT. Come join us for a motivating and honest discussion around challenges faced and what is effectively being done within UT’s structures to change these challenges for the better.

    Please register! Walk-in starts at 16.30. Stories - by Ray Klumpert (Campus & Facility Management) and Assistant Professor Yj Erden among others - will be shared as of 17.00. Do you want to join online? Please do!

Thursday 6 October

  • 11.00 - 17.00 Symposium to showcase research, education, policies and stories by LGBTQI+ community | Hosted by Th!nk with Pride Saxion and UT | Saxion Enschede

    For the Rainbow Days Enschede, Th!nk with Pride UT and Th!nk with Pride Saxion are joining forces to organise a symposium centred around LGBTQ+ inclusion at their institutions and beyond. This is a topic that spans the full width of our universities: from making our education inclusive, to making an impact via inclusive policy, to conducting research to underpin these undertakings. Beyond that, the symposium will also give space for personal stories to be told, as these experiences can inspire us all.

    Programme overview

    Location: Canteen Saxion, M.H. Tromplaan 28

    11:00     Doors open
    11:30     Opening by Chairman of the day, Tom Boogerd (he/him)
    11:45     SOGIGE (research), Tessa Dekkers (she/they)
    12:15     The road towards an inclusive study environment, Juliana Peerboom (she/her)
    12:45     Lunch
    13:45     Inclusive use of language, Linda Pasqual (she/her) & Aurelius Ambachtsheer (they/them)
    14:30     Master theses by Anders Stefanovska (he/him): "Who cares?: Social media, epistemic oppression, and denial in the cisheteropatriarchy” and by Updita Boro (he/him): “LGBTQI+ Migrants in a Datafied City: A Qualitative Study on the Use of (Geo)Data in Amsterdam”
    15:15     Break
    15:30     Stories of inspiration
    16:00     Queer History, Anna Schupiloff (they/them)
    16:30     Pridemars to Stonewall
    17:00     Speech alderman of the city of Enschede, Arjan Kampman (he/him)
    17:30     Performance of an upcoming artist, Maeve (they/them)

    Drinks and some small bites

    19:00  Closing ceremony Th!nk with Pride University of Twente and Th!nk with Pride Saxion

  • 12.00 - 13.30 Our Gender Equality Plan: let's talk about gender inclusive research | Carré, room 3F and online

    Last year UT wrote and published our Gender Equality Plan as part of the Horizon Europe requirement for funding of gender (binary) inclusive research proposals. But what exactly does this entail and how does it affect our researchers, students and further UT community? Join us for this round table discussion whereby we gain a deeper understanding of what the GEP actually is, why it is important and best practices to make research proposals more diverse, equitable and inclusive from the moment a research idea is born. Curious to learn more? Join us for this lunch session and get inspired!

    After this session, you can take away a free lunch!
    I would like to attend!

Friday 7 October

  • 15.00 - 16.30 DEI4EAI Book Presentation and Debate: Social Justice Futures | U Parkhotel (meeting room C4)

    This event presents an open access booklet from the 4TU Diversity for Embodied AI initiative and discuss with experts in the fields, students, and civic society about shaping just futures for AI.

    We believe that assessing, critiquing, and changing our practices is what academics and society need to design the technologies of the future we want to live in. However, reflecting and re-imagining just futures for embodied AI is only one small step to challenging the current status quo in embodied AI.

    This book, then, calls for more initiatives to inspire systemic change toward a more just, equitable, and inclusive future in AI at Utwente, in the 4TUs, and beyond. No matter if you are a student, a professor, or an activist. If you are working in the field of AI or smart technology and striving to design for social justice, this is the event for you. In the event, we will give space to map initiatives working on similar topics to explore future collaborations. 

  • 16.30 - 18.30 Inspirational keynote speech and closing by Tanya Bondarouk | U Parkhotel (Meeting Lounge)

    Let the motivational words of Tanya Bondarouk, Dean of the Faculty of BMS, inspire you. Let's look back on the week together and look ahead to what we all can do to continue working on diversity, equity and inclusion!

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